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Aunvara Mousepad

This website ist made for the german market and there is only little text in english. If you want us to print your promotional mouse mats for the european market please send us email. Shipping inside EU is free and fast. Worldwide shipping is possible but may be to expensive. We are printing, cutting and welding pvc foils for mousemats, coasters, vapemats, cashmats. We can offer a huge amount of design surfaces beside the printed ones.


Contakt by email


So far we delivered promotional mousemats to:

Austria, Swizerland, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Scheden, Cuba and Martinique.

( ... and without a professional english website... :-) )



Mousemats for your company

Seibold Werbemousepads Aunvara Mauspad

Mats for your own companys demand and promotional givaways. Liquid filles mats and individual shapes for eyecatchers.

An individual shape is in most cases not more expensive than ordinary rectangular mats, but are much more effective.


Yes, a simple circle is a bad example. We can cut much more difficult shapes at Seibold Werbetechnik.